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LifeProof frē for iPhone 5
LifeProof CEO, Gary Rayner talks about the LifeProof frē for iPhone 5. Take your iPhone 5 everywhere and do everything everyday.
Lifeproof nuud Case review
Dr Ryan Green of Varsity Sports Mandeville, LA reviews the Lifeproof nuud case.
LifeProof iPad nüüd - Enjoy Life
Take your iPad with you wherever you go in life, knowing that it will be protected!
LifeProof iPad nüüd - Learn
Now your kids can take full advantage of the learning opportunities offered with the iPad, and you know your investment will be protected!
LifeProof iPad nüüd - Live
Now your iPad can safely go wherever life takes you!
LifeProof iPad nüüd - Work
Take your iPad wherever your work takes you.
LifeProof iPhone 4/4S Overview
LifeProof iPad nüüd Overview
Dirt Proof
Use your device as a GPS, performance monitor, for emergency communications, camera, or for other uses when you hike, trail-bike, mountain bike, or horse ride.
Snow Proof
LifeProof's Apple iPhone case and Apple iPad Case provides the same complete IP-68 protection as it does in water, preventing melting snow and ice from wicking into your device through pooling or capillary action.
Water Proof
LifeProof's Apple iPhone Case and Apple iPad Case case has a unique design that makes it waterproof to IP-68 standards, the highest 'International Protection' rating.
Shock Proof
LifeProof's Apple iPhone case and Apple iPad case are designed for a high degree of shock and impact protection and have been tested to meet or exceed Military Standard MIL-STD-810F-516.6.
LifeProof iPad Detailed Video With Gary Rayner
Gary Rayner goes through some of the features of nüüd for iPad.
LifeProof iPad Introduction With Gary Rayner
LifeProof CEO, Gary Rayner, introduces the nüüd case for iPad.
My Life
Angel is LifeProof. In real-life she is ex-army tough and now a very-savvy-business-girl and champion athlete who knows how to live life to the fullest. Watch as she tells her story about how she is LifeProof'd everyday. Can you see the connection?
LifeProof iPhone Snorkeling / Freediving
LifeProof for iPhone 4 delivers amazing quality hi-def underwater movies while snorkeling. Free dived with snorkel and spent about 90 minutes total underwater - a lot of footage deeper around 6 feet as iPhone was left underwater propped to try to catch fish shots.
LifeProof Mount Accessories Introduction
There is a lot more to the LifeProof mounts than meets the eye... Use the bike mount with a broom stick as a 'steady cam' or high and low angle shot as a monopod. Take shots of fish underwater. See the belt clips and armband in action.
LifeProof in the Snow
LifeProof stands up to a harsh day of snow and sledding with the boys and kids. Everything from being crashed into by sleds, snowball fights, throwing 50 meters, submerged in muddy puddles, and every kind of slushy, icy, wet and rough treatment you can imagine.
LifeProof - Figaro
LifeProof - Beach
LifeProof Featured on CNBC Tech Check

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